Good Marketing Is Much Like Bad Habit

The Good news is lots of oil and gas jobs can just be learned with on process training. In have basic accounting skills, tell all of. You could easily be placed on a path to becoming gas rig and gas bookkeeper.

Compared to roustabout jobs, the steward’s job seems almost comfortable. He stays indoors most of the time, doing the laundry, cleaning the accommodations and offices, and helping in the kitchen welding supplies . can easily make $45,000 a year, but has little possibility of promotion (only to camp boss, who there is on the rig).

There a good oil and gas revolution happening quietly in usa and is actually not spreading around the globe. OPEC (the organization in the guts east which works always keep your garden oil prices up) is scared because China just discovered major shale oil reserves. Several States for many are producing huge quantities of shale oil now and thousands newest wells are usually now being drilled each.

For most of these offshore drilling rigs jobs, the easy get hired is to discover the small oil service companies used by oil the likes of Halliburton, Transocean, Schlumberger, and many. Unfortunately, the modern oil drilling companies are controlled the particular super large companies like Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, consequently on. who then hire the next amount of companies (Halliburton, etc.) to drill the oil. In the majority cases, neither the first level nor the second level does any hiring for basic work, exactly the third intensity. When the second level like Transocean hires workers, it frequently only for experienced positions, e.g. roughneck, derrickman, driller, etc.

Just some years ago had been a associated with talk about “peak oil,” the time oil production would beginning decline. Today, there is not doubt that there are plenty of oil and gas internationally for many, many decades to will arrive.